Support our project and get silk!

Cap : 110

Race : EU/CH

Mastery : 220/330

Solo EXP : 400x

Party EXP : 450x

Drop Rate : 100x

Gold Rate : 1x

Job Rate : 100x

PC limit : 5

Job limit : 2

Arena limit : 1

FW limit : 1

Alchemy : 1x

Plus limit : 12 without

New system : YES

Start skill points : 5M


You can support our project with a donat and receive a gift in the form of silk!

For every donated dollar you will receive 100 silk (1$=100 silk+ Bonuses). If the donat was in a different currency (euro, rub, etc.), it is automatically converted into dollars at the exchange rate that was at the time of payment.

The minimum payment amount is 5 dollars.


For the amount of 5 to 25 dollars (no bonuses)

For the amount of 26 to 50 dollars (+ 10% bonus)

For the amount of 51 to 100 dollars (+ 20% bonus)

For the amount of 101 to 150 dollars (+ 30% bonus)

For the amount of 151 to 200 dollars (+ 40% bonus)

For more 200$ (+ 50% bonus) it more 30,000 silk

How buy silk?

Click the picture below to buy silk

Follow these instructions

2. Indicate in the comments your nickname for the character on which you want to get silk. Let's say

My name Gladiator78

3. Choose currency

4. Enter the amount you want to donate.

5. You can change the system language as you like.

6. Click Buy Silk

7. Choose a payment system and pay.

Silk will be credited to your account from 5 minutes to 6 hours. You can check for silk in the store by pressing F10. To update silk, use the return scroll, teleport or re-enter the game.

Thanks for the support!